Boozy Cherries – The 13th Jar – M

Early on, I made two jars of sweet bing cherries – one in maraschino liqueur and the other in bourbon. We “scientifically” tasted them each week and the research bore out the conclusion that they were indeed delicious and well balanced by the fourth week. Don’t get me wrong, they were pretty damn tasty after 24 hours, but the flavours had not yet melded. However, most of the recipes I found indicated that the original marasca cherry was best emulated by using a “sour cherry”. I checked my local fruit stands regularly waiting for these bright red cherries to arrive. By the time I realized that they weren’t going to show, I’d almost missed the season entirely. I panicked. After significant searching, I found two remaining 11lb buckets of pre-pitted montmorency cherries in 10% sugar syrup in two grocery stores. Experiments A thru L are made from those cherries.

P1080096Today, I found a basket of [clearly marked END OF THE SEASON] fresh montmorency cherries. No option. I had to make one more jar. My mother said they never pitted the cherries. I decided that I’d make my last jar of the season her way.

M – Spiced Rum

fresh, unpitted montmorency cherries
1/2 cup of white sugar
Sailor Jerry (spiced rum)





When I decided to make boozy cherries, this was some of the info I bookmarked as research:


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